7 Key features you can't miss while creating Social networking website

Thanks to the likes of Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Myspace and LinkedIn, the world of social networking has taken over virtually the entire world wide web. More and more persons are signing up for social networking sites, to take advantage of the vast networking, communication and sharing that these websites provide. In return, websites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc, make tons of money from data sales and advertisement.

This is a lot of potential for entrepreneurs and business to invest in. Entrepreneurs can develop social networking site in order to leverage on this huge money making opportunities that this platform provides. Social networking sites are complex and hard to build, taking weeks, if not months, to complete and launch.

LinkedIn is the world no one professional social networking platform, to build your own social networking platform like LinkedIn, you do not have to spend months writing your own code or designing an entire system from scratch, deploying social networking clone script is the best way thing to do. ProsNexus is a top quality Social Networking Script, developed by clonescloud.

Social networking site are in constant use by internet users, to launch a social networking website like Facebook, stand in the competition and get people to use your social media platform.

Below are 7 must-have features before embarking on Social Network Software.

Mobile presence:

This is paramount; as more and more users of the internet assess the internet via their mobile devices, to get your website to more users, a mobile application is paramount.
A simple and friendly user interface: The purpose of the user interface is to help users enjoy the benefits of your platform and not to confuse them. Your social networking script PHP must have a clean, interactive, clear and cluster free interface, with clear lines of distinction between conversation, images etc.

Conspicuous easy to use and efficient Search functionality

A well-placed search button is very important for users to navigate through the vast bank of information available on your open source social network script, to find friends, communities, event, conversation, groups etc.

Personalized user profile

Users must be able to reflect themselves in their profiles. This separates PHP social network script from normal sites. The user must be able to personalize his or her experience in their profiles.

Feeds and Circles:

This is the core of social networking, interacting with new people and sharing content with one another. Users must be able to follow others on the platform, and receive contents in their circle based on their preference and interests

Notification and real time updates

Users must be notified on changes in their conversations and activities on the platform. Updates should be as they happen, for a real life experience of user in your platform.
Easy interaction between users in the platform: Social network script PHP are for interaction and communication between users. Your platform should enable easy navigation between conversation. Group conversations and forums features must also be integrated into your platform.

These and ease of logging in and registration are very important features you have to think of, before launching your Social Network Software. All these features and more can be integrated into your social networking site using ProsNexus, a social networking script which comes packed with all the needed features of a social networking website like LinkedIn, easy to use and deploy, fully customizable to meet your requirements.

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